Audiobook Online Launch Adventures at Humminghive

Thank you to everyone who joined the launch of my audiobook Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are! today, Sunday 18 October 2020.

The early reviews are in!

“So much meaning behind each song and storyline. Children will be benefiting from these important educational and social principles while enjoying the musical arrangements and characters! A must have!”

“So beautiful to hear the stories and the music. Wish you great success. The more children that see and hear your book the better for the world! Well done.”

“Wonderful Bev! The tunes are so catchy and words age appropriate. Such an entertaining afternoon!”

“I have young grandchildren who will love the words, music and meanings. Thank you”

“Absolutely incredible! Well done! Very talented.”

“Wonderful catchy music and messages. A treasure!”

“So thrilled to witness the culmination of years of amazing work!”

“Well done, Bev! fantastic job xox”

“Bev … can see your musical genes have been passed on.”

“What an amazing achievement! what a fabulous resource. Mazeltov!”

“Just wonderful, Bev! Tunes are catchy and the words age appropriate. What an entertaining afternoon!”

“Well done – great composition!!”

“Congratulations Bev!! What an amazing achievement 🙂 I love the music :)”

“Well done! it is amazing what you have accomplished!”

“Well done Bev. Very impressive.”

You can learn more about the services I offer and purchase your very own copy of ‘Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are!” on my website at

Feel free to share this exciting news with all your friends who would like to share this musical story with children across the world.

Thanks to everyone involved!