Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are!

Adventures at Humminghive - Here we are! by Beverley Omsky

Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are!’ – Musical Audiobook for young children – a musical story which represents life at Humminghive where a strong sense of community ensures that children are heard and understood as they effectively contribute to the wellbeing of society. The cultural framework of the society is a promotion of peace, harmony, equality, respect and positive co-existence. ‘Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are!’ portrays a society which is family-focused and where differences, diversity and problem solving is communicated through collaborative and respectful negotiation. Each member of the society is supported to develop a sense of identity and the principles of mutual cooperation and communication is promoted. The children realise that they have the power to engage and are themselves, agents of change. Their cultural diversity strengthens and enriches community life.

!tunias CD – available for Australian Delivery (postage included) AUD$29.95 , no musical knowledge required.

!tunias CD – available for International Delivery AUD$39.95, no musical knowledge required.

Coming in 2023

Adventures at Humminghive – Here we are!‘ CD’s, print book and ebook.

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